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Cindy Gruda LLB, Company & Corporate Law
GCC-German Business Invest - May, 2022

Cindy Gruda LLB

When our company - GCC-German Business Invest - was founded in 2009, our goal was one vision: to implement something new, innovative and profound. Fast forward a total of fourteen years later and we have achieved what we set foot into creating. And much more. An ever greatness - greater than all of us as could have envisioned on the first day, GCCGBI was introduced amongst the realms of the world. Ideas of implementing, combining and embracing German strategic investment with the highly accelerating potential Gulf countries carried, a potential so ungraspable, companies within that age could not have imagined what was to come in the following years.

Today, marks the day where any citizen you may consider asking, is aware as to the extent, Gulf countries have to offer. With one minimal yet extinctive differentiation to be made: we knew. We knew, we envisioned, we embodied. We acted before any other company, any other nation was introduced into the ever so growing importance, these countries carry today. And with that, we formed today's pathway.

When GCCGBI was brought into the world, it was created with sweat, determination and resilience. As my mother Uta Gruda, today's Chairwoman & CEO of GCC-German Business Invest, always said: "Where there is a vision, there is a way", marking me to the individual I represent today, the daughter of a strong-willed, powerful woman who brought three with success overflowing companies into life with the mere fact of her existence.

Now is your chance, to unlock GCCGBI newest opportunities within our wide range of newly combined investment strategies, unlocking Blockchain and all digital forms to enhance the notability and implementation amongst Europe and the GCC - within both Asia as well as Latin America. To step up like today's Chairwoman & CEO of GCC-German Business Invest, did thirteen years ago and to implement further innovative ideas and perspectives into both the classical and digital realm within GCCGBI. We are looking forward to you - and remember; only the quickest succeed in life. Take it among our company - GCC-German Business Invest, the first investment company of its kind in the GCC, Europe and worldwide.

Thank you.


Cindy Gruda LLB

Kings College London & Humboldt University of Berlin
Company & Corporate Law, GCC-German Business Invest

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