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Uta Gruda Founder of GCC-German Capital
CEO of GCC-German Business Invest, Uta Gruda, in the exclusive head office of GCC-German Business Invest at the top of Sony Center am Potsdamer Platz Berlin. She is overlooking the futuristic Sony Center where spectacular roof construction of 103 meters tall, glass office tower and the integrated historic Emperorís Hall (Kaisersaal), make Sony Center one of the most famous locations in the world

CEO Message

The strong will to make a change, discover and follow new ways, keep the big picture and take necessary risks: these are some of the reasons why the first Investment company GCC-German Business Invest, GCCGBI was created. In February 2008 we were the only one German company that decided to take on the invitation of Abu Dhabi Government and participate at the Abu Dhabi Economic Forum 2008 where we realized the amazing local business opportunities together with the warm people of Abu Dhabi. One year later, GCCGBI was created as the first investment company for the GCC and Germany Europe.

It was a tough decision and remarkable business but we had a vision and were not scared because we believed in ourselves to go our own way, the way of doing real business and investment. We believed from the beginning that especially people in the GCC do business when they have build up trust which is indeed a long process and the most valuable investment one can make. And it is an investment that payed off and brings great business opportunities and true friendship in the process. We do what we love to do. We build trust and our reputation in the last years. At times it is difficult to bring together German and GCC mentality, but we prevailed. Now all doors are open for us, because we believe in people and their honesty. We believe that business is valuable friendship.

GCCGBI focus is on Investments and our real strength lies in bringing together investments and world's best German high-tech transfer into the GCC. GCCGBI is one of the very few GCC Investment Experts of ca. 150,000 German companies which are ready to share outstanding technology in the GCC as they are doing locally with true and honest application to strengthen both sides and make sure the technology is never duplicated as in many other famous cases worldwide.

Welcome to GCCGBI.

Uta Gruda
CEO | GCC-German Business Invest GCCGBI

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