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GCC-German capital as a part of GCC-German Business Invest, was created with the vision to coordinate investment activities and Foreign Direct Investment FDI in the German speaking countries, in the GCC/MENA and beyond. Why investors and HNWi's should know about GCC-German capital and what makes us unique?
GCC-German capital took its first steps back in 2009 and offers investments in the latest German speaking technologies and projects with a high quality, high profit, in relatively short time. GCC-German capital delivers same high quality for GCC or global investments to our member companies, after a thorough investigation, followed by final approval. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach but target specific European Fam. Offices to invest and expand in the GCC. We know exactly where to invest, when to invest and with whom to cooperate.

GCCGBI Capital GCC-German capital is comprised of three parts:
I.  GCCGBI Investment   II.  Foreign Direct Investment (GCC MENA, Europe, Globally)   III.   German speaking Investors and Fam. Offices




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